CFT: CUPS 1.5.2 and CUPS pstoraster 9.0

Eygene Ryabinkin rea at
Mon Feb 13 07:24:40 UTC 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, good day.

I had created the updates to the CUPS-related ports: the CUPS
itself and cups-pstoraster,
   the patch is at
   the patch is at

I had noticed that there were some threads in this list about problems
with CUPS 1.5.0, the topic starters are included to the recipients of
this message -- may be the raw update to 1.5.2 will help to solve the
raised issues.  If not, please, report the troubles to the respective

The update of cups-pstoraster is a way more intrusive: it had dropped
the original ESP Ghostscript from, since it was merged with
GNU Ghostscript years ago,
So, I just took the guts that are needed for CUPS and made them to
use plain Ghostscript.  The original espgs binary was turned into
the wrapper for GNU Ghostscript, since many other ports depend on it.

It will be very good if people will be able to test the both updates
and report their findings (either positive or negative) to the
respective PRs.

For everyone's convinience, here are the subjects of mail to
bug-followup at that will make one to report his findings
into these PRs:
 - CUPS 1.5.2: ports/165084: [patch] print/cups: upgrade to 1.5.2
 - CUPS pstoraster 9.0: ports/164293: print/cups-pstoraster failed

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