porting percona's xtrabackup (currently version 1.6.4)

claudiu vasadi claudiu.vasadi at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 22:01:30 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

The last version of percona's xtrabackup utility in the ports is 1.1. I
think this is a bit old. Therefore, I have written an e-mail to the
maintainer of the port asking if it would be possible to create a newer
version. No answer yet.

Since I'm the curious type of guy, I went ahead and tried it out myself. So
far, I have this:

PORTNAME= xtrabackup
CATEGORIES= databases

COMMENT= OpenSource version of InnoDB backup with support of Percona


OPTIONS= innodb51_builtin "built-in InnoDB in MySQL 5.1" off \
innodb51 "InnoDB plugin in MySQL 5.1" off \
innodb55 "InnoDB in MySQL 5.5" on \
xtradb51 "Percona Server with XtraDB 5.1" off \
xtradb55 "Percona Server with XtraDB 5.5" off

BUILD_DEPENDS= bash:${PORTSDIR}/shells/bash

.include <bsd.port.options.mk>

.if defined(WITH_innodb51_builtin)

.if defined(WITH_innodb55)

.if defined(WITH_xtradb51)

.if defined(WITH_xtradb55)

.include <bsd.port.mk>

Problems so far:
The xtrabackup archive has no [configure script. Instead, there is 1
script, build.sh that takes care of everything (using bash). Installation
rolls down to:

> AUTO_DOWNLOAD="YES" ./utils/build.sh <engine_option> <<<--- this is where
the dialog box should kick in

My question is:
1) Is there a way to connect this script to the make (I think) command of
the ports framework and to the OPTIONS parameter from the port?

Best regards,
Claudiu Vasadi

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