FreeBSD ports which are currently scheduled for deletion

Vitaly Magerya vmagerya at
Wed Feb 8 11:45:34 UTC 2012

>>>>> portname:           graphics/vrml2pov
>>>>> description:        Convert VRML files to POVRay source
>>>>> maintainer:         ports at
>>>>> status:             BROKEN
>>>>> deprecated because: unfetchable
>>>> This seems to be a ports-infrastructure problem, rather than a
>>>> problem in the vrml2pov port. 
>>> No, it's a "No one cares enough about this port to step forward
>>> and maintain it" problem.
>> Er, as of a few hours ago (when I tried it), the URL in the distfile
>> link on vrml2pov's download page *exactly* matched the URL that the
>> port tries to fetch.
> The default FETCH_ARGS include -A which makes fetch fail on redirects;
> this is presumably because some sites redirect rather than return 404
> when a file is not found. In cases when redirect needs to be followed,
> you need to override FETCH_ARGS in the port's Makefile.
> See the attached patch (I hope it'll get through the list). I can submit
> a PR, or some brave committer can apply it right away...

Oh, it's actually appears to be fetchable the way it is right now, just
remove the BROKEN lines.

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