GNATS now available via rsync

Simon L. B. Nielsen simon at
Sun Dec 23 21:51:55 UTC 2012


The GNATS database can now be mirrored using rsync from:


I expect that URL to be permanent, at least while GNATS is still
alive. At a later point there will be more mirrors (a us-east will be
the first) and I will find a place to publish the mirror list.

On a side note, GNATS changes aren't mirrored to the old CVSup system
right now, as cvsupd broke on FreeBSD 10.0, which the hosts running
GNATS is running. There is no current plans from clusteradm@'s side to
fix this now that an alternative way to get GNATS exists and cvsup is
deprecated long term anyway.

Simon L. B. Nielsen
Hat: clusteradm@

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