graphics/opencv apparently broken, also out of date: update

Scot Hetzel swhetzel at
Sun Dec 23 10:02:03 UTC 2012

On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 2:59 AM, Thomas Mueller <mueller23 at> wrote:
> I originally sent this early last November, but nothing happened, and now the ports freeze is over.
> I had great difficulty using send-pr when submitting the problem with graphics/gnash, couldn't set MAIL_AGENT to what I use (msmtp) with sendmail not set up: just got error messages.  Try again?
> I am snagged in graphics/opencv in my massive upgrade of ports, and see error
> messages in the log file indicating errors in the C code.  I also see there is
> a newer version of openCV out.  But I was able to pigeonhole graphics/opencv
> and four other ports that depend on opencv and complete the rest of the massive
> upgrade of ports.
> I am on FreeBSD 9.0_STABLE, stuck to the default options except for enabling
> xine support, which was off by default.  In a more recent attempt, I stuck to
> the default options, with xine support off: this made no difference, I got the
> same or similar errors, and building graphics/opencv failed.
> I now have a file /BETA1/usr/ports/pigeonhole12.cmd
> portmaster multimedia/phonon-gstreamer multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-all graphics/gstreamer-plugins-opencv graphics/opencv
> so I can later run
> `cat pigeonhole12.cmd` &| tee opencv.log
> On
> an announcement (5/7/12, I don't know if this is May 7 or July 5) that release
> 2.4 is out.  There is a link to with
> OpenCV-2.4.3.tar.bz2 (67.2 MB).
> This was on FreeBSD ports version 2.3.1_4 .
> I get errors, and am reluctant to post a log > 600 lines, but an excerpt
> follows:
> Scanning dependencies of target opencv_python
> [ 63%] Building CXX object modules/python/CMakeFiles/opencv_python.dir/src2/cv2.o
> /BETA1/usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work9amd64/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp: In function 'bool pyopencv_to(PyObject*, cv::Scalar&, const char*)':
> /BETA1/usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work9amd64/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp:270: error: 'PyInt_Check' was not declared in this scope
> /BETA1/usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work9amd64/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp:279: error: 'PyInt_Check' was not declared in this scope
> /BETA1/usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work9amd64/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp: In function 'PyObject* pyopencv_from(int)':
> /BETA1/usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work9amd64/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp:317: error: 'PyInt_FromLong' was not declared in this scope

What version of python do you have installed?

According to:

Python 3.1+ all of the PyInt_* functions where changed to PyLong_* functions.


No electrons were maimed while sending this message. Only slightly bruised.

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