Notes on upgrades after libpcre update

Eitan Adler lists at
Tue Dec 11 23:31:10 UTC 2012

On 11 December 2012 18:18, Kevin Oberman <kob6558 at> wrote:
> As many of you noticed, the update of devel/pcre bumped hte version of
> which is a dependency of LOTS of things. Here are some
> incomplete notes on what might bite you: Note that I refer to
> pkg_libchk. It is part of sysutils/bsddminscripts. If you run pkgng,
> you will need to edit it an change "pkg_info" to "pkg info". There may
> be a couple of other changes needed, but I have not switched to pkgng
> due to tools that use the old /var/db/pkg structure.
> 1. portmaster/portupgrade -r devel/pcre will want to re-install most
> everything on the system. Use pkg_libcheck:
> % pkg_libchk -o | grep libpcre | cut -f1 -d: | sort | uniq > rebuild.pcre
> 2. pkg_delete -f avahi-app
> 3. portmaster -D `cat rebuild.pcre`
> This will result in re-building only those ports that really need
> re-building. If avahi-app is not deleted, it will fail to re-build. If
> you hit that, just delete the package and re-start the rebuild job.
> If I find other issues, I will follow up on this thread. Since my
> system is a laptop running Gnome, others may hit issues I won't. This
> would be better done on the wiki, but I don't have write access to it.

make a user, tell me the username, I'll get it for you.
Eitan Adler

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