libpqxx - Postgres client interface C++ library.

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Mon Dec 3 13:56:53 UTC 2012


> ** Port deleted on 2012-11-28: databases/postgresql-libpqxx
>         Has expired: No more public distfiles

> I am new to FreeBsd and the ports system.  I am also doing database
> support with Postgres in this environment.
> libpqxx has been a very useful package and seems stable   I do not understand
> the "Has Expired:  No more public distfiles" comment as the reason
> for dropping the port?


was for libpqxx-2.x.x.

It looks like there is a different port:


for libpqxx-3.1. Do you require the 2.x.x instead of the 3.x ?

> Is there any further detail on why it was dropped.

It was dropped because nobody told the ports collection where the
libpqxx-2.x.x source can still be found. There seems to be no master site
left anywhere ?

>  How does this work ? Is the
> obligated to update the port on a periodic basis ?

No, it's not, but the source code should still be available from
some official master site.

If you know some master site for 2.x.x, tell us about it and the port
can be resurrected.

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