[CFT] TexLive port

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at bsdforen.de
Sun Aug 12 09:19:59 UTC 2012


On 12/08/2012 10:50, Baptiste Daroussin wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 10:12:33AM +0200, Dominic Fandrey wrote:
>> ...
>> Here we go:
> Are you aware of: http://code.google.com/p/freebsd-texlive/ ? romain@ has been
> working and maintaining those ports for a while and has plan to merge them into
> the ports tree once he is back from vacations (in about a month iirc) did you
> contact him? maybe both of your work can be merged? I know hrs@ also has/had?
> plan about texlive, merging the effort and plan could be good.

Yes, I became aware when I tried to find out why there is no TeX Live port.

I looked at it and dismissed it as more complicated than creating my own
port. Our approaches are quite orthogonal. Whereas he uses the CTAN
thingy to assemble all the parts that make up a TeX Live distribution,
I simply grab the release tarballs and slab them onto the system.

I expect both ports are pretty complete by now. I'd say I open the PR,
he can submit his port for review into the same or another PR and we let
the community discuss which is their preferred approach.

His is definitely more fine grained and customizable, mine is probably
easier to maintain.

I'd be content with either solution so long as a TeX Live port makes
it into the tree soon. It's always good to throw away stuff to make
space for something better. So don't hesitate to declare my port
inferior if that is your opinion.

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