pkg and portmaster: Downgrading ports? Why? portmaster messes up ...

Bryan Drewery bryan at
Tue Aug 7 13:37:46 UTC 2012

On 8/7/2012 4:31 AM, O. Hartmann wrote:
> Hello.
> I tried to switch to the new tool pkg. I'm still installing my ports via
> sources and compiling, but I appreciate the more stable dependency
> tracking of pkg(ng).
> Therefore, I patched, as reuqired and recommended, ports-mgmt/portmaster.
> I performed a portmaster --check-depends after I got several warnings
> and two very confusing (if not scaring) exclsuions and therefore rejections:
> graphics/libGL and x11/nvidia-driver (which is in my case 304.32 and
> works pretty well so far!), x11-server/xorg-server. They all install, so
> the compalin of pkg/portmaster, files in the very same place. So I'm
> stuck and I do not know, whether my ports collection is now corrupted by
> this stubborn behaviour or not.
> Mor scaring, performing a "portmaster --check-depends" ends up in this:
>>>> Missing package dependencies were detected.
>>>> Found 2 issue(s) in total with your package database.
> The following packages will be installed:
>         Installing pkg-config: 0.25_1
>         Downgrading pciids: 20120711 -> 20120625
>         Downgrading libdrm: 2.4.31_1 -> 2.4.17_1
>         Installing libGL: 7.6.1
>         Installing perl: 5.14.2_2
>         Downgrading dbus: 1.4.14_3 -> 1.4.14_2
>         Downgrading dri: 7.11.2_1,2 -> 7.6.1,2
>         Downgrading pcre: 8.31 -> 8.30_2
>         Downgrading python27: 2.7.3_3 -> 2.7.3_2
>         Installing xorg-server: 1.7.7_5,1
> The installation will require 40 MB more space
> 28 MB to be downloaded
> Before I made the update towards pkg via pkg2ng, I updated everything
> with portmaster as it worked in the old-fashion before. I have set
> properly the knob WITH_NEW_X11 in /etc/make.conf. Now this new toolset
> tries to donwgrade some of the ports - why? What happens here?

There's some discrepancy between your installed packages, ports, and
possibly a remote repository. portmaster --check-depends must not be
properly implemented with pkgng. It's trying to use the remote
repository to fix the problems it sees instead of the local PORTS tree.

The remote is outdated, so it's also trying to downgrade packages. I
would not use --check-depends for now. Just manually portmaster <port>
every port that's missing.

> ports-mgmt/portmaster installs still the old fashioned style folders of
> ports in /var/db/pkg. I thought ith the new scheme of pkg, everything is
> going into a file based SQLite3 DB?

The portmaster patch is only storing distfile information. The actual
pkg db is only using the SQLite3 pkgng db.

> With each kernel update, I also need to update x11/nvidia-driver. I do
> this by /etc/src.conf setting
> PORTS_MODULES=          "x11/nvidia-driver"
> PORTS_MODULES+=         "emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod"
> The nvidia driver now fails. How can I circumvent this nasty problem? Is
> there a "brute force" knob.
> Will ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel heal those problems?

The main problem I see is with --check-depends. This looks to the be
equivalent of 'pkgdb -F'. Currently 'pkgdb -F' is not implemented in
portupgrade-devel for pkgng support. So it won't help.

> My OS is a most recent FBSD 10.0-CURRENT.
> Regards,
> Oliver

Bryan Drewery
bdrewery at freenode/EFNet

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