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Thu May 26 16:27:27 UTC 2011

On Thursday 26 May 2011 00:58:15 you wrote:
> Hi,
> I've seen your commits to horde4. I would like to know that current
> status of this. Are there still some things to do, or is your
> update-work finished in ports?
> If there are no open issues anymore, did you replace a horde3 (imp,
> kronolith, nag, turba, ...) install with horde4? If yes, was it an
> update and how did it went, or was it a complete new setup?

There is still much to do with horde4. This series completely replaces any 
previous versions and isn't backwards compatible with any other horde 
framework. Horde decided to go with pear install and split everything into 
approx 70 separate installs. That's a work in progress to translate all those 
libs and extensions into FreeBSD's port system. If you want to try it in the 
meantime, you can do a pear install -a -B of any of the apps and it will 
install everything into ${PEARDIR}/horde. Both that path and 
${PREFIX}/www/horde are in the search path, so you can have both until I get 
everything ported.

I haven't seen any major problems with this release apart from the normal 
config issues. Horde has never been much fun to configure given all the 
choices, but watching the lists I'm only seeing minor problems and they seem 
very good about addressing same. My experience is with a new install, but 
migration is possible and supported. I would definitely back up your db before 
even attempting an upgrade. The db schema updates are now all contained inside 
the main configure screen, but the docs on updating are still sketchy.

H3 is still fully supported and I plan on keeping it updated. This new release 
is such a huge departure from previous versions that there really aren't any 
choices besides a fresh install (keeping the old data and importing).

I would much appreciate any feedback you have if you do update to this 

I'm going to cc this to ports@, so others know what the status is.


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