Clean up old PRs

Matthias Andree mandree at
Mon May 16 20:38:14 UTC 2011

Am 16.05.2011 14:02, schrieb Jerry:
> There are several PRs that are years (literally) old. For example:
> <>
> o 2005/10/13 ports/87397 edwin [patch] incorrect use of PAPERSIZE make variable in some ports
> Maybe it is time that some of these extremely old PRs be put to rest.
> Perhaps a new classification should be added. Presently there are
> several possible classifications:
> o - open
>     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.
> a - analyzed
>     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.
> f - feedback
>     Further work requires additional information from the originator or
>     the community - possibly confirmation of the effectiveness of a
>     proposed solution.
> p - patched
>     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
>     confirmation from originator) are still open.
> r - repocopy
>     The resolution of the problem report is dependent on a repocopy
>     operation within the CVS repository which is awaiting completion.
> s - suspended
>     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information or
>     resources. This is a prime candidate for somebody who is looking
>     for a project to do. If the problem cannot be solved at all, it
>     will be closed, rather than suspended.
> c - closed
>     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
>     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned. 
> I am proposing a new one:
> x - expired
>     This report is over 2 years old. If no one has bothered to fix it
>     by now, then in all probability no one will.

-1 vote from me. This is no good and just dilutes existing states such
as o)pen, c)losed (really expired and/or wontfix), f)eedback (lacks
information), or s)uspended.

Matthias Andree
FreeBSD ports committer

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