Superfluous dependencies

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sun Mar 13 11:42:25 UTC 2011

On 12/03/2011 23:25, Doug Barton wrote:
> That said, what is really needed is for the OPTIONS framework to take
> environmental preferences into account when dealing with defaults. In
> other words, if WITHOUT_X11 is defined in make.conf, then the defaults
> for OPTIONS that are related to requiring X11 stuff should be off. There
> are a few ports that have rolled their own manipulation of this, but
> that logic really needs to be in Any volunteers?


I've always felt it quite bizarre that WITHOUT_X11=yes has precisely no
effect on the various X11 ports themselves.

Mind you, X11 is only the largest and most obvious target here.  There's
also CUPS, SASL, MYSQL, POSTGRESQL, SQLITE, LDAP and many more where it
would be handy to be able to set a server-wide policy which:

   * disabled any optional dependency on the named target
   * blocked installation of any port with an obligatory
     dependency on the target
   * blocked installation of the target port or ports themselves

-- which I think is doable, given you're installing onto a clean system.
 What I can't get my head round is how to cope with changes of policy on
a system with plenty of packages already installed.



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