xfce 4.8 upgrade errors.

Charlie Kester corky1951 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 5 17:40:20 UTC 2011

On Fri 04 Mar 2011 at 18:23:47 PST Aryeh Friedman wrote:
>I had to reinstall all my ports from scratch to fix this... for how to
>do this safely see the last example of the man page for portmaster
>On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 9:07 PM, Scott T. Hildreth <shild at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>> I updated my server to 8.2 and then all my ports.  When compiling orage
>> or trying to it failed with libical errors,
>> In file included from ical-archive.c:56:
>> /usr/local/include/libical/icalss.h:38:27: error: icalcomponent.h: No such file or directory
>> /usr/local/include/libical/icalss.h:111:23: error: icalgauge.h: No such file or directory
>> /usr/local/include/libical/icalss.h:282:21: error: icalset.h: No such file or directory
>> /usr/local/include/libical/icalss.h:342:25: error: icalcluster.h: No such file or directory
>> ...I cannot find a solution for this, is anyone else seeing this
>> error. When they compile orage?

The root cause of this problem seems to be that
/usr/local/include/libical is not in the include path.  

icalss.h includes these other header files without specifying the
subdirectory.  I.e., it does the following:

#include <icalcomponent.h>

Since it's not on the include path, icalcomponent.h is reported as not

Adding CFLAGS+=-I${LOCALBASE}/include/libical to the port Makefile fixes

BTW, I haven't confirmed this yet, but the orage configure step seems to
enable libical support if the library is found, overriding the WITH_ICAL
option.  When I put the above CFLAGS line inside the if block for
WITH_ICAL, and set the option to OFF, the build still failed with the
same errors listed above.  It shouldn't have mattered whether or not my
CFLAGS line was executed, because it shouldn't have been compiling any
ical-related stuff. But it was. 

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