[Adopting a port..or contributing... and a patch included for java on most recent of all jdk/jre)

Chris Rees crees at freebsd.org
Thu Jun 30 09:35:30 UTC 2011

On 30 June 2011 03:23, xD 0x41 <secn3t at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello ports-maintainers,
>    my name is dru, I have already been once a member of and, successfully
> have had a port that was now known as the 'no backporting' 'port' , wich
> stops bad ports from being allowed to install :) , this was me and someone
> else....Also, was responsible for finding and defeating 2 VERY nasty and
> very basic to use local exploits... but this is in the very much past tence.
> At the moment, i run a successful computer repairs company and even a
> shell-company, i dont wven know why i run it, it is just for friends
> really... Whilst playing with java,and needing some binaries
> (javacc,javac,java) , well, i setout to install from orts, on a FreeBSD8.2
> stable-release box.
> Ok, now, bsd does NOT like tio touch suns apps, wich is a HUGE prblem,
> because sun updates theyre apps, and nothing is being done on the ports
> side, wich is why i have wrote a tiny patch but, ultimately, if you wish for
> use of timezone updater, you MUST fix this port, or apply a patch like mine,
> however, you need to really keep uptop date with binaries here... this
> should be maintained ALOT better,and im offering help if needed..
> Anyhow, here is a small patch i hacked up for the timezone bug, wich sits in
> ports/java , but it is crappy really that i had to resrt to this even to
> install the data... this apps, should be mirrored as a package, or,
> disguised as a freebsd package, as it does only need the binaries, i was
> going to install the whole thing, until i found the diablo packages...saved
> me alotof time...but still this same bug exists on all jdk and jre.
> I checked distfiles for the recent tzupdaer it had and, fuinnily enough it
> had an updated copy of the file without me needing to d/l it,but again, the
> problem exists in the makefiles... so this needs a proper patching..here is
> my rough patch/exampkle:

Have you updated your ports tree? These have already been applied:

[crees at zeus]~/workspace/ports/jdk15$ cvs annotate Makefile |grep TZUPDATE

Annotations for Makefile
1.121        (glewis   26-Feb-07): 		TZUPDATE	"Update the time zone data"		on \
1.142        (glewis   12-Jan-08):
1.174        (glewis   29-Jun-11): TZUPDATE_VERSION=	1_3_39
1.174        (glewis   29-Jun-11): TZUPDATE_TZVERSION=	2011g
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): .if defined(WITH_TZUPDATE)
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): DISTFILES+=	${TZUPDATEFILE}
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): EXTRACT_ONLY+=	${TZUPDATEFILE}
1.127        (glewis   09-Jun-07): .if !defined(PACKAGE_BUILDING) &&
(!exists(${DISTDIR}/${JRL_SRCFILE}) ||
!exists(${DISTDIR}/${JRL_BINFILE}) || (defined(WITH_POLICY) &&
!exists(${DISTDIR}/${POLICYFILE})) || (defined(WITH_TZUPDATE) &&
!exists(${DISTDIR}/${TZUPDATEFILE})) ||
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): .if defined(WITH_TZUPDATE) &&
1.171        (glewis   25-Apr-11): \"JDK DST Timezone Update Tool -
${TZUPDATE_VERSION}\" to obtain the\n\
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): time zone update file, ${TZUPDATEFILE}.\n\n
1.120        (glewis   24-Feb-07): .if defined(WITH_TZUPDATE)
1.147        (glewis   03-May-08):
-u -bc
[crees at zeus]~/workspace/ports/jdk15$

Granted it was only yesterday though...

Thank you for your efforts, and I'm sorry they're duplicated...

If you see something like that in future, mail `make maintainer` in
the port's directory and ask if they have any plans to fix it -- often
that can save you some time!


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