wa-admin for managing webalizer log files

Marin Atanasov Nikolov dnaeon at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 21:59:03 UTC 2011


Today I've decided to try one of the available tools for analyzing log files
and stopped at webalizer.

Looks nice and neat, runs pretty fast - in general it's all need for the

My setup is pretty general - a couple of jails with Apache servers running
on them, and one
Apache proxy server in front of them for the externally accessible jails.

So, I just installed webalizer to give it a try, configured it, went through
the documentation, etc..

Then I realized that adding multiple logfiles to be analyzed by webalizer is
not as simple
as I thought (or I missed something on the way?).

Adding webalizer for one single httpd-access.log file is simple, the problem
in my case comes when I need
to add all the log files, which are on the Apache web proxy server for
analyzing. After checking here and there
I see all the people are using some custom made scripts and customizing the
whole www directory tree
just to get webalizer working for them, which is not something that I want.

Anyway, I decided to make my own script for managing multiple Apache log
files with webalizer, and I came up with wa-admin :)

What it basically does is that you give it a log file and a hostname, and it
creates all the needed things to get access
to all your webalizer logs from one single location - another Apache vhost
or directory on the same jail.

Anyway, I've start a test jail on one of my systems for a demo, just to see
what I mean, because sometimes
it's better to see rather than speaking :)

 - http://monitor.unix-heaven.org/

It's nothing special, though but it makes managing and viewing webalizer log
files much easier, when you have one
single page with all your machines and log files, rather than logging to
each Apache host and it's webalizer docroot.

The code is here:

 - git.unix-heaven.org/cgit.cgi/wa-admin

Just wanted to ask if anyone is interested in actually getting this to the
Ports Tree?

Again, it's nothing special, it's just the result of a few hours work :)


Marin Atanasov Nikolov

dnaeon AT gmail DOT com
daemon AT unix-heaven DOT org

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