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Chad Perrin code at apotheon.net
Tue Aug 30 15:36:51 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 11:13:58AM +0200, Michel Talon wrote:
> Chad Perrin wrote:
> >
> >Of course, your goal is apparently to
> >convince me that yours are the "correct" priorities.
> Indeed i think having the correct priorities is essential when choosing
> between different options, and i am sincerely convinced that my choices
> are shared by a lot more people than yours.

You're right that having the "correct" priorities is good.  You're
probably right that more people have your OS preference priorities than I
do.  Popularity doesn't mean something is "correct", though, and
popularity of particular priorities for OS choice doesn't mean a given OS
project should emulate those priorities.  Would you suggest that every
high-quality steakhouse in the United States should emulate the food
preparation policies of McDonald's?

The world needs an OS that serves the preferences FreeBSD serves so much
better than Ubuntu, because the fact that a set of priorities favoring
Ubuntu is more popular is not synonymous with the notion that it's

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