ghostscript9 installed; OK for ghostscript8 dependency?

Doug Barton dougb at
Sat Aug 27 08:44:32 UTC 2011

On 8/26/2011 10:27 PM, Mike Brown wrote:
> I had ghostscript8 installed, but after an ordinary upgrade (I think, I mean, 
> I don't recall doing anything unusual), I ended up with ghostscript9. After 
> that, portmaster complained that ghostscript8 was a dependency for a couple of 
> the other installed ports:
> $ portmaster --check-depends
> [...]
> ===>>> Checking mediawiki-1.16.1
>         ===>>> print/ghostscript8-nox11 is listed as a dependency
>         ===>>> but there is no installed version
> The same dependency is listed for pecl-imagick.
> I went ahead and answered 'y' to the question of whether to delete the 
> dependency, but now I'm wondering if that was the wrong thing to do.
> Was it?

Yes. :) What you should have done is 'portmaster -o
print/ghostscript9-nox11 ghostscript' which would have updated the
dependency data instead of deleting it.

If you remember which ports they were, just rebuild them and you should
be fine. If you don't, 'portmaster --check-depends' is not without hope,
and you should run it anyway just to be safe.




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