How to escalate? ports/159276 - cmake

Igor Soumenkov 2igosha at
Sat Aug 27 08:36:13 UTC 2011

Dear all,

How can I escalate the issue related to one of the ports?
Cmake in ports sets different cflags than the original one. It seems
that the comitter who introduced this problem with a patch
to the port does not want to do anything with it. There is a PR open
Cmake is widely used in the company I am working for, and now as a
FreeBSD user I get cmake that is different from everyone else's, because
my default Debug and Release build have empty CFLAGS. Now I have to
manually fix these flags back each time I reconfigure my build directories.

If nobody cares about this, why not place a big 'we don't care about
developers' banner on the main site?

Igor Soumenkov

On Mon, 22 Aug 2011 17:38:44 +0400, igor wrote:
>> It a usual practice to close duplicated reports. The patch in
>> question was
>> added for some reasons and we can't just remove it, until we find better
>> solution.
> The patch altered the way original cmake behaves. It all worked very
> well until someone added this patch. It works well in Debian, for
> example.
> This makes it very inconvenient to use cmake from ports for software
> development.

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