UPDATING 20110730

Andriy Gapon avg at FreeBSD.org
Wed Aug 3 10:39:58 UTC 2011

on 03/08/2011 00:09 Peter Jeremy said the following:
> An alternative viewpoint is that this is wasteful because data is then
> double-buffered.

If you stop accessing data on disk after putting it into an application cache,
then there would not be double-buffering, the OS is free to evict it from its cache.

> An alternative view is that the default ZFS configuration is sub-optimal and
> should be fixed

I agree with this.

> - rather than insisting that every tool that accesses more than a handful of 
> files should do its own caching.

But not for this reason.

> (And, reading zfs-discuss, avg@ is far from the only person to have been
> bitten by the ZFS metadata limit).

But for this reason :-)

Andriy Gapon

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