saving a few ports from death

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Wed Apr 27 10:28:33 UTC 2011

> From: Anton Shterenlikht <mexas at>
> Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2011 10:14:41 +0100
> To: <freebsd-ports at>
> Subject: Re: saving a few ports from death
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 03:55:56PM -0700, Charlie Kester wrote:
>> My search for "popularity" metrics is intended to point me, as a
>> maintainer, to ports I might want to adopt now, rather than wait for
>> someone to complain about them.  Everything *I* use is already
>> maintained, so I've moved on to looking for things other people might
>> need.  But I don't want to waste my time on something that nobody uses.
>> :)
> Interesting..
> I used this sh(1) script to find
> unmaintained ports that I use.
> (I couldn't find a way to do the
> job with the existing tools like
> pkg_info or portmaster):
> #!/bin/sh
> prefix=/usr/ports/
> makefile=/Makefile
> for file in `pkg_info -oxa | grep "/"`
> do
>         yes=`grep MAIN ${prefix}${file}${makefile} | grep ports`
>         if [ -n "$yes" ]
>         then
>                 echo $file
>         fi
> done


Small observation, since that script picks up all of us who use 'ports' in
our maintainer email addresses (myself for example), might I suggest the
following tweak to your script (full address and checking for file



for file in `pkg_info -oxa | grep "/"`
 if test -f ${prefix}${file}${makefile}
  yes=`grep MAIN ${prefix}${file}${makefile} | grep -i 'ports at freebsd\.org'`
  if [ -n "$yes" ]
   echo $file

Although in only greping makefiles that exist it doesn't alert you to your
installed ports when the port has been removed from the tree...

It's an interesting situation and I wonder if there is a tool (I suppose
akin to portaudit) that alerts sys admins when ports they have installed are
depreciated or maintainers drop them?  Obviously one can sign up for the
various types of alerts from Freshports, but I expect a few people here have
rolled their own periodic alert tools...



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