Howl port - deprecated?

Paul Donovan paul at
Wed Apr 20 23:37:39 UTC 2011

On Tue, 19 Apr 2011 03:06:23 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke <marcus at>
> I turned howl back over to ports@ a long time ago when I moved to using
> and maintaining avahi.  Since it remained unmaintained, it was marked
> deprecated.  Avahi now has full howl compatibility support.  If you want
> to assume maintainership of howl, it can remain a viable alternative to
> avahi.

I'm very new to FreeBSD, but I've read through most of the documentation
about being a port maintainer and it doesn't look too difficult. Howl
doesn't have any ports that depend on it, and it hasn't changed in years so
I doubt there will be a lot to do. I will send a PR to ask to be the
maintainer this weekend.

I'm currently running a VM of FreeBSD 8.2. Can anyone point me in the
direction of how to switch my installation to follow 8-STABLE (I read that
it's best to check your ports on the STABLE branches)?



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