Fuse and s3fs

Joe Auty joe at netmusician.org
Fri Apr 8 05:49:30 UTC 2011


I'd really like to get the s3fs FUSE file systems to work in FreeBSD,
but the most recent versions of s3fs (which I'm most interested in
using) require FUSE 2.8.4 or higher, and the ports collection only
includes 2.7.4.

What would take to update the fusefs-libs port? Since this port includes
patches I'm unsure about whether simply skipping the patches and trying
to build the newest version will work and/or yield positive results, and
the current patches do not seem to work with FUSE 2.8.5.

Any info on the status of this port and how difficult it would be to
update this? An s3fs port (http://code.google.com/p/s3fs/) would also be
very cool, and probably low dangling fruit with an up-to-date FUSE port.

Thanks in advance for any info and help you have regarding this port :)

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