sysutils/zfs-stats update

jhell jhell at
Tue Apr 5 06:37:58 UTC 2011

Hi Martin,

Would you mind adding the following to sysutils/zfs-stats/pkg-descr as
well here,


zfs-stats was branched from a previous revision of the original authors
code that is still maintained at the following URL. You may be interested
in some of the improvements that were made.


A shorter URL for that is:

If not, I do not mind taking maintainership of that port and rolling out
dated revisions in the download section that would coinside with the
release of the port.

The current version that I have up now is up-to-date as of ZFSv28,
supports flags to display single pages of information and defaults to a
display of all pages as well has human readable output for all the
values + increased system memory display in the header.

As I cleaned this up quite a bit from what it used to be before I got my
hands on it for FreeBSD usage I would like to contain the differences in
the least amount of branches for the users sake. As for right now ? I do
not plan on not maintaining it and have further improvements on the way.

You can consider this a public request for maintainership.

I see a much simpler port that doesnt need to fetch a tarball in the
near future and would appreciate your support in doing so.



  J. Hellenthal

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