Help needed to test before upgrading (was: Please help for joining my port for QMMP)

RyōTa SimaMoto liangtai.s4 at
Tue Apr 5 01:57:00 UTC 2011

Dear ports developers,

Thank you and Martin for letting the port of QMMP stage at the
mainstream.  But I still need your help to maintain this port,
especially to test each function.

2011/4/4 Raphael Kubo da Costa <kubito at>:
> Is there any reason why 0.5.0 is not there yet?

I'm sorry that I didn't send a report to upgrade the port yet.
Installation finished successfully, but I can't tell why some
new features don't work.  Perhaps my low spec PC and brain
might refuse proper testing:(  My port for v0.5.0 is here:

With v0.5.0 release, these new options in plugins are added:
  # wildmidi: SMF docoding
  # oss4: output through ${PORTSDIR}/audio/oss
  # udisks: automatic removable-media detector using Qt-DBus
  # crossfade: effect using pure Qt libraries
  # extra stereo: effect using pure Qt libraries
  # gme: decode several game music files through

Only the pulseaudio plugin works to get output on v0.5.0.
  % % % % 0.4.5 : 0.5.0
  # pulse: good : good
  # oss:   fine : failed
  # oss4:  n/a  : failed
  # jack:  ?    : ?
// I don't know how to activate jack audio backend.

* I can't hear SMF with WildMIDI decoder plugin as well as its
  bundled genuine executable 'wildmidi', though timidity++
  works well with guspat or eawpat.  Let my port usable please!
* To hear CD-DA disk, always it needs to add cdda:///dev/acd0
  on the URI opener dialog, even though udisks plugin is
  activated.  Are another settings required for Qt-DBus? Or
  my old CD-drive might disturb again regular usage. (The
  /bin/dd command already had been unusable for ripping.)

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai.s4 at>

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