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Wed Sep 22 11:45:34 UTC 2010

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 12:42:37 +0200, Paolo Bormida wrote

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Hi Paolo,

(this is a re-post of my previous, private answer)

I am sorry but I am no more the maintainer of aMule. You should get in touch
with swell.k at, who is the new maintainer.

> Sorry to bother you, but I think I understood the problem I described
> in this post to the freebsd forums:
> Does amule2 port switched from a stable 2.2.5 release to a daily snapshot?
> Does the sparc64 port still has the daily snapshot instad of the more
> up-to-date 2.2.6_4 available?

You can find the history of the changes made to this port on Freshports here :

Yes, the ports seems to have switched to using a code snapshot on Aug, 13 2010
with version r.10266, leaving version 2.2.6 behind.

Best regards, 

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