FreeBSD Port: amule-10275

Anonymous swell.k at
Wed Sep 22 11:58:23 UTC 2010

Paolo Bormida <pbormida at> writes:

> Does amule2 port switched from a stable 2.2.5 release to a daily
> snapshot?

Yes, snapshots are gonna be used unless there are more frequent releases
upstream. You can find the history of changes on freshports.

The package name also switched from `aMule' to `amule' in order to
remove silly vendor capitalization and match port *directory* name.

Besides, I plan to rename the port to plain `amule' with the next update
in order to remove last bit of confusion, i.e. `2' version suffix in
port directory name and in LATEST_LINK.

> Does the sparc64 port still has the daily snapshot instead of the more
> up-to-date 2.2.6_4 available?

aMule-10266.tbz and amule-10275.tbz are newer than aMule-2.2.6_4.tbz
unless I'm missing smth.

  $ pkg_version
  aMule                               <
  $ portmaster -L
  ===>>> aMule-2.2.6_4
          ===>>> New version available: amule-10275

I can only find aMule-10266.tbz for sparc64 for 8-stable, though.

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