XPI infrastructure needs some love

Lapo Luchini lapo at lapo.it
Wed Sep 8 04:36:52 UTC 2010

Doug Barton wrote:
> Are these eclipse plugins similar to mozilla plugins in that the user
> has to take an additional step after the FreeBSD package is added, or if
> the package is on the system then it's available to all the users
> immediately?  If the latter, then I can understand why having FreeBSD
> packages of them would be valuable. If they are similar to mozilla
> plugins then I'm curious what the value-add is.

Uh? But the XPI plugins *are* immediately available to all the
Firefox/SeaMonkey/ThunderBird of all the users, immediately after
install. I think you're thinking about Enigmail, which only creates a
local XPI that must then be installed by every and each user that
desires to do, but enigmail's unique in that approach, all the other XPI
ports are immediately available.

(ok, sometimes a "make relink-all" is needed if a browser is updated
after the plugins, but most of the times nothing needs to be done and
that's a centralized one-run-per-system command anyways)

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