pkg_add -r could be better?

Sean McAfee smcafee at
Fri Oct 29 13:54:09 UTC 2010

On 10/28/10 18:57, Aragon Gouveia wrote:
> Hi,
> On 10/28/10 22:07, Sean McAfee wrote:
>> Why are you using -r (which fetches the default packages from
>> in conjunction with custom packages?
> My intention is to serve them to multiple systems from a single FTP/HTTP server.
> I set PACKAGEROOT/PACKAGESITE to override the default mirror selection.
> Thanks,
> Aragon

Gotcha - I knew I was missing something.

If NFS is an option, I manage custom packages for releng and it works exactly as 
expected using argument-less pkg_add or 'portupgrade -PP'.

There is a small caveat - there are still difficulties with conflicting ports 
options.  For example, there's no way to simultaneously provide both vanilla PHP 
and PHP-with-Apache-module packages.

Sean McAfee
Senior Systems Engineer

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