jhell jhell at
Tue Oct 5 14:47:07 UTC 2010

Hi Gordon,

I have just upgraded my p4d install and have found the following
inconsistency in the Makefile:

${CAT} pkg-message

pkg-message at this point cannot be found and it would be better if this
referred to the ports directory and the portname /pkg-message instead.

I might also suggest that instead of using touch(1) chown(1) chmod(1) to
create entries in the filesystem for the p4d.log that you use install(1)
instead as that allows you to achieve all three steps listed above in
one command like so.

install -S -o p4admin -g p4admin -m 640 /dev/null /var/log/p4d.log

And of course this might need/involve some checking to see if the users
log file already exists as we would not want to overwrite that by the
above command but nor do we want to blindly chmod(1) the file either
which is also done in the Makefile already.




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