Issues in installing Gmake and Gcc on FreeBSD

Chetan Shukla chetan.shukla at
Tue Oct 5 12:06:45 UTC 2010

Thanks Jeremy,

Started work on ur guidance :)


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On Tue, Oct 05, 2010 at 05:02:08PM +0530, Chetan Shukla wrote:
> I am trying to install GCC and Gmake on  FreeBSd machine and faced following issues:
> GCC:
> Steps:
> 1)At directory gcc-3.3.2 I ran ./configure -enable-obsolete
> 2)error returned:
> Please update *-*-freebsd* in gcc/config.gcc
> Configure in /usr/home/iptk/gcc-3.3.2/gcc failed, exiting.
> 3)I have included this string in gcc/config.gcc with architecture string as i386 but still facing same issue.
> The configuration and version details:
> Machine arch:i386
> FreeBSD version: FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE #0:
> GCC version :gcc-3.3.2
> Gmake:
> Steps:
> 1)I have un tarred the gmake-3.79.1.tgz but it did not create any gmake-3.79.1 directory.
> 2)Hence I am unable to run ./configure and make and make install.
> The hardware details remain same.
> The system is not connected to Internet so I cannot use pkg-add.
> To give backdrop all this is needed to port linux code to FreeBSD.
> Please let me know your inputs on the above,
> Also please excuse me if it is wrong mailing list and please redirect it
> to the correct one.

GCC on FreeBSD is "special" in the sense that you should either use the
version that's included in the base system (4.2.1 as of 8.0-RELEASE), or
if you need an older/different version, install it from ports/packages.
The same goes for gmake.

You managed to get the source code to both gcc and gmake on a system
which isn't connected to the Internet, so surely you could download the
binary versions of the FreeBSD packages and install those...?

Take a peek in:

Look for gcc* and gmake*.  These are probably what you want:

-rw-r--r--    1 110      1002       351139 Oct 20  2009 gmake-3.81_3.tbz
-rw-r--r--    1 110      1002     14269507 Oct 20  2009 gcc-3.4.6_3,1.tbz

If you download these packages, you can get them onto the machine
however possible and simply pkg_add the files (literally: "pkg_add
xxx.tbz").  You might have to download some dependency packages, but
pkg_add should tell you what those are if needed.

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