PR's not being picked up (Was Re: becoming a port committor)

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Mon Nov 22 12:17:50 UTC 2010

On Sunday 21 November 2010 20:26:49 Charlie Kester wrote:
> On Sun 21 Nov 2010 at 20:09:23 PST Beech Rintoul wrote:
> >That is correct, although it is possible to use a unified diff with the
> >"-N" flag against a non existent source. The problem is too many
> >contributors send in update pr's in shar format which are a real PITA to
> >deal with from our end.
> >
> >You may notice that many pr's aren't picked up by committers for just
> >that reason.
> In such cases, does the submitter receive any communication explaining
> the reasons his PR isn't getting worked on?
> E.g., why not send an email requesting resubmission in the proper
> format?
> Many of the of oldest unassigned but still-open PR's show no evidence
> that they've even been looked at by a committer.  There are no entries
> beyond the original one.  How can we know which PR's were rejected/not
> picked up for some reason and which ones were genuinely overlooked?

You can't, but if a significant amount of time passes and no committer assigns 
themselves to a pr it usually means there are problems, either with the format 
or the upgrade itself. It's rare that a pr get's completely overlooked. We try 
and look at the list daily (as time permits). 

From: Contributing to the FreeBSD Ports Collection-5.2.1 Keep your ports up to 

5. At some stage a committer will deal with your PR. It may take minutes, or 
it may take weeks - so please be patient.

The reality is if a committer reviews a pr for an update and it's in shar 
format he/she will usually pass them by. If you think it's taking too long an 
email or question on #bsdports will usually get a response. We do get emails 
from portmgr detailing outstanding pr's, but there is no requirement to grab 

We also have a bugbusting team that reviews outstanding pr's and broken ports.

With the wealth of info in The porter's guide and in contributing a submission 
which is coded well and in the proper format will usually get a quick 


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