PR's not being picked up (Was Re: becoming a port committor)

Janky Jay, III jankyj at
Mon Nov 22 06:17:04 UTC 2010

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On 11/21/2010 10:26 PM, Charlie Kester wrote:
> On Sun 21 Nov 2010 at 20:09:23 PST Beech Rintoul wrote:
>> That is correct, although it is possible to use a unified diff
>> with the "-N" flag against a non existent source. The problem is
>> too many contributors send in update pr's in shar format which
>> are a real PITA to deal with from our end.
>> You may notice that many pr's aren't picked up by committers for
>> just that reason.

    Almost anyone who is an only semi-serious port maintainer (meaning
they only have a select few number of ports to maintain and are only
trying to contribute/participate) knows that maybe this issue is due
to the porter's handbook. Specifically
which blatantly states that all submissions whether they are new OR
updates be submitted in shar format. Maybe the commiters should bring
this up and have a few less to deal with..? Just a suggestion.

Janky Jay, III

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