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On 24/05/2010 02:07:24, Charlie Kester wrote:
> On Sun 23 May 2010 at 17:05:04 PDT Julien Laffaye wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 4:46 PM, Paul Hoffman <phoffman at>
>> wrote:
>>> Greetings again. A few years ago, I proposed editors/emacs-nox11 and
>>> submitted a patch to create it, and thus became listed in the
>>> comments at the beginning of the Makefile (but I am not the package
>>> maintainer, I believe). Today I got a report that the package does
>>> not build; I verified this. I want to help the user, but I have no
>>> idea how the change that broke the build was added to the Makefile.
>>> How do I find the history so I can find out who added the problematic
>>> line and figure out what they actually meant?
>> You can find the CVS history via :
>> - cvsweb at
>> - freshports at
> Another thing that is sometimes useful is to query the GNATS database
> for closed PR's related to the port.  For example:
> Interestingly, the only thing this turns up for emacs-nox11 is the
> original PR that created the port -- which means any subsequent changes
> were probably the result of some comprehensive updates each of which
> affected several ports in one swoop. 
> Or that the people submitting the PR's didn't follow the accepted
> practice of including category & portname in the subject line. ;)

In this case, it's different.  editors/emacs-nox11 is a slave port of
editors/emacs and I think you'll find quite a lot of PRs and CVS history
to do with editors/emacs.

I believe the problem the OP mentioned has been analyzed and a fix will
be committed shortly.

See the thread beginning here:



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