gtk, gimp

ajtiM lumiwa at
Mon May 24 00:14:36 UTC 2010


After all of updtaes I have a little problem with GIMP:
on the image window doesn't show anymore pointer coordinates, units and zoom. 
It show just Background...
I have FreeBSD 8.0 p2, KDE 4.4.3.
If I start GIMP from Konsole I got:
** Message: Module '/usr/local/lib/gegl-0.1/' load error: 
/usr/local/lib/gegl-0.1/ Undefined symbol "avcodec_decode_video2"
:1: error: unexpected character `\1', expected keyword - e.g. `style'

(gimp:70750): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_container_remove: assertion `GTK_IS_TOOLBAR 
(container) || widget->parent == GTK_WIDGET (container)' failed

(gimp:70750): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to add a widget with type GtkHBox to 
a GtkFrame, but as a GtkBin subclass a GtkFrame can only contain one widget at 
a time; it already contains a widget of type GtkHBox

(gimp:70750): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_box_pack: assertion `child->parent == NULL' 

Thanks in advance.


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