Broken pkgdep on jdk- ?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed May 19 21:55:50 UTC 2010

Broken pkgdep on jdk- ?

swt-devel-3.6.m5_1,1 pkgdep's on jdk- Yet jdk-
isn't available on the FTP servers. Among other ports, this affects
vuze- via swt-devel-3.6.m5_1,1, which won't install.

As swt-devel currently uses this rather old [1] java release and
won't install, can swt-devel be re-dep'd on openjdk7 [or if not
quite ready, openjdk6], and then pushed to the FTP servers ???

If force installed, the gui of vuze- runs under openjdk-7.0.86.
Can't seem to establish network connections with it yet though?

[1] jrl jdk 6u3b5, rel 20070924, eyesbeyond p4 rel 2008q1

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