GSoC: Making ports work with clang

Andrius Morkūnas hinokind at
Mon May 3 13:33:29 UTC 2010

On Mon, 03 May 2010 15:34:43 +0300, C. Bergström <cbergstrom at> wrote:
> What fancy stuff is in the ports tree which clang will take advantage of?
I wasn't talking about any specific port. What I meant is that new hardware
won't stop coming out just because FreeBSD decided not to update their gcc.
New CPUs may have new instructions and other things that are different from
their predecessors in one way or another. While llvm will continue to chase
the hardware and implement new optimizations, gcc in base will not be aware
of those changes, continuing to produce code that runs, but may may be
missing potential optimizations on those CPUs.
I hope this makes sense.

> I can't say the gentoo/arch approach is correct, but it may not be a bad
> idea to steal whatever they have have done correctly.
Maybe, but to steal something, I'd have to know what is "gentoo/arch
approach" first.

> I'd be more than happy to help or work with you if it's feasible to add
> another compiler to this project.
Hopefully, when I finish the project it will be relatively easy to add
support for other compilers.


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