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Sat Mar 20 01:37:47 UTC 2010

On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 13:04, lambert@ wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 09:05:31AM -0500, Programmer In Training wrote:
>> Is that what I said? I don't recall saying anything of the sort. I do
>> recall asking for a time frame on when a Java update compatible with
>> FF 3.6 would be available.
>> I ask because I am the one who started this thread.
>> I would be more then willing to donate cycles and space for testing
>> and bug reporting. That's going to be the extent of my contributions
>> because I am still getting the hang of tcsh (I'm used to bash, still
>> some things in tcsh that are different enough for me to get used to)
>> and of FreeBSD (I am new to using it also, having taken a multi-year
>> hiatus from any time of *Nix environment (previously Gentoo Linux)).
> I'm not deeply involved in the FreeBSD project.  I just use it and make
> my donations to the FreeBSD Foundation.  I try to make good bug reports
> when I find issues.  I read the mailing lists.  That's about the extent
> of my involvement.
> The trouble with offers of "cycles and space" is everyone offers that.
> Why not, it doesn't cost them anything?  Except for the ports cluster, I
> don't think the project is short on "cycles and space".  Unfortunately,
> the ports cluster appears to require dedicated hardware, not just spare
> cycles such as the type projects could use.
> What the project appears to be short on is programmers willing to do the
> work.  There seem to be several programmers who would like to work on
> FreeBSD stuff more regularly.  The more specific resource which may be
> missing is programmers with sufficient money to pay their bills, feed
> their families, and who still have time to work on FreeBSD.
> If you want a particular something accomplished, and do not have the
> coding skills to do it yourself, you might try offering to fund a
> programmer to scratch your itch.  If you can't afford sufficient funds
> to get a programmer's attention, you might setup a bounty through
> with multiple people can contribute toward scratching their common
> itch.  Your time spent coordinating the bounty efforts would be a quite
> valuable contribution to the project.
> I think many people are simply worn out from politely refusing the
> offers of "cycles and space" and may be a bit testy in general.  Just
> remember, e-mail can usually be read as having a much harsher tone than
> the author intended.  That is as true for messages sent by you as for
> messages sent in reply to your message.  I'm as guilty as the next guy
> of inferring a harsh tone from an e-mail.  Also, it seems like everyone,
> including those in meat space near me, have been a bit extra touchy
> lately.  It might help if everyone could just make allowances for the
> possibility that the other guy is just having a bad day.  Don't take
> mailing lists so seriously.
> So, everyone, step away from the computer.  Look at how nicely spring
> is shaping up.  Get some sunlight.  Take a deep breath, smile, and try
> again.  Here in Arkansas, we have a lot of daffodils up.  The fruit
> trees are flowering.  The grass is greening up.

Damn!, Out of this whole thread I believe this is the best message I have 
ready out of any of them. ;)

</not sarcastic>


  (E)motions do not belong in (E)mail, interpreted or implied.


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