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Fri Mar 19 17:34:30 UTC 2010

On 03/19/10 12:04, Scott Lambert wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 09:05:31AM -0500, Programmer In Training wrote:
>> Is that what I said? I don't recall saying anything of the sort. I do
>> recall asking for a time frame on when a Java update compatible with
>> FF 3.6 would be available.
>> I ask because I am the one who started this thread.
>> I would be more then willing to donate cycles and space for testing
>> and bug reporting. That's going to be the extent of my contributions
>> because I am still getting the hang of tcsh (I'm used to bash, still
>> some things in tcsh that are different enough for me to get used to)
>> and of FreeBSD (I am new to using it also, having taken a multi-year
>> hiatus from any time of *Nix environment (previously Gentoo Linux)).
> I'm not deeply involved in the FreeBSD project.  I just use it and make
> my donations to the FreeBSD Foundation.  I try to make good bug reports
> when I find issues.  I read the mailing lists.  That's about the extent
> of my involvement.
> The trouble with offers of "cycles and space" is everyone offers that.
> Why not, it doesn't cost them anything?  Except for the ports cluster, I
> don't think the project is short on "cycles and space".  Unfortunately,
> the ports cluster appears to require dedicated hardware, not just spare
> cycles such as the type projects could use.

Now that's a good answer. Unfortunately I have no money (been out of
work for nearly a year and living with relatives at the moment), nor
programming skills that would be helpful. I can read and even understand
the basics of Perl and shell scripts. I've even read the handbook and
know more about what goes into contributing a port than I did before
(and will know even more once I read it in depth).

I know that cycles isn't really a good offer on a project like this, but
I do a lot of things on my computer (local web developing for starters)
that can take up a lot of cycles. Having to shut down anything just to
go and test and use a particular program and then bug report is a
significant investment in my time and CPU. It really is the best offer I
have to make. If my bro-in-law (current router admin where I'm staying)
wasn't such a Nazi about forwarding external port 22 requests to my box,
I'd offer even more.

Hence my very polite (pointedly so just so as to make sure no one would
get testy) request about a time frame for the latest (or at least
whatever will work with FF3.6) Java.

> So, everyone, step away from the computer.  Look at how nicely spring
> is shaping up.  Get some sunlight.  Take a deep breath, smile, and try
> again.  Here in Arkansas, we have a lot of daffodils up.  The fruit
> trees are flowering.  The grass is greening up.

Sunlight is evil. I must have my energy drink and dark, cool, server
closet. j/k ;)

Yours In Christ,

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