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On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 09:05:31 -0500
Programmer In Training <pit at> articulated:

>On 03/19/10 07:14, Robert Huff wrote:
>> 	and what I remember of the original post, which came across
>> as:
>> 	"FreeBSD doesn't have X?  Do you not realize how important X
>> 	is?  Bunch of losers.  Fix it, or I'm outta here."
>> 	and - seen that way - drew a predictable and quite human
>> reaction.  Especially when the poster seems to be somewhat more
>> clueful than someone who is trying FreeBSD becuase "My geek friends
>> said I should use Linux.".
>Is that what I said? I don't recall saying anything of the sort. I do
>recall asking for a time frame on when a Java update compatible with FF
>3.6 would be available.
>I ask because I am the one who started this thread.
>I would be more then willing to donate cycles and space for testing and
>bug reporting. That's going to be the extent of my contributions
>because I am still getting the hang of tcsh (I'm used to bash, still
>some things in tcsh that are different enough for me to get used to)
>and of FreeBSD (I am new to using it also, having taken a multi-year
>hiatus from any time of *Nix environment (previously Gentoo Linux)).

Is there any reason that you don't simply install 'bash'? I use it as
my shell and love it.

>If any of that came across as what you are paraphrasing me (claiming to
>be remembering the original post) as implying, than I really will
>leave. It's a dirt-poor attitude to have toward your new users. I'm at
>least making an effort to not be a n00b.

Don't take it personal. Whether or not you are praised or ridiculed
depends entirely on where you are seated. Saying Microsoft sucks
because they don't have {Applet of your choice} and you will be
praised. Complain that your OS of choice lacks a feature that is
readily available on other OS's and you will be chastised. It just goes
with the territory. At times it can get really hilarious.

Remember, saying Microsoft, or any other operating system lacks a
feature is insightful criticism; saying your OS lacks a feature is flame
bait and counter productive. Once you remember that, the rest is easy.

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