RFC: Mk/bsd.jpeg.mk to automagically handle jpeg dependency

Ade Lovett ade at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jun 16 09:38:42 UTC 2010

On Jun 15, 2010, at 18:09 , Mario Sergio Fujikawa Ferreira wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Ever since the addition of graphics/libjpeg-turbo, I had
> been wondering how one could possibly build the whole ports tree
> with it instead of graphics/jpeg. I wanted the choice.
> 	Therefore, I wrote the attached bsd.jpeg.mk as a suggestion.

I have other concerns, but the fundamental one is bsd.jpeg.mk is way too specific, and could easily lead to bsd.tiff.mk, bsd.gd.mk, etc.. etc..

You might want to consider abstracting it out a little further (compare with bsd.database.mk) to, say, bsd.graphics.mk

It might then be possible to do weird and wonderful things like:

USE_GRAPHICS= jpeg-turbo openexr gd tiff

in ports Makefiles, and have them do the right thing, or at least offer up include and library paths, along with relevant *_DEPENDS additions.

It's a little more work in the short term, but there's plenty of existing Mk/* files to use as reference for parsing a possible USE_GRAPHICS stanza, and it is much more extensible.


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