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Fri Jun 11 15:09:45 UTC 2010

--On Friday, June 11, 2010 10:58:50 -0300 Jesse Smith <jessefrgsmith at> 

> I'm trying to teach myself how to build a FreeBSD port and, with a lot
> of help from the manual, it's going well. I have a question though
> concerning policy/style.
> I'm trying to port a program which is distributed in two separate
> packages from the upstream project. One package contains the executable
> program and the other contains data files. The Data package rarely
> changes. The idea being packaging them together would use up a lot of
> extra bandwidth.
> Which brings me to the question: Since the executable relies on the data
> files being in place before it's run, how should I handle that in the
> port? Should I just get the executable to install and let the user
> manually get the data files? Should I create a second port for the data
> package? Or should I find some way of making the executable's makefile
> download and unpack the data package?
> My instinct is to create a separate port for the Data package and list
> it as a dependency for the Executable port. I'd appreciate some
> guidance.

I think your instinct is correct.

You *could* put logic into the Makefile of a single port to verify that the 
data files are the most recent ones, but having a second port makes a great 
deal more sense to me, especially since the executables will be updating on a 
more frequent basis than the data files.  Just make the data file port a 
RUN_DEPENDS of the executable port.

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