[CFT]: pkg_add_it - new version

Marin Atanasov Nikolov dnaeon at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 18:33:01 UTC 2010


I'm working on a new version of a tool I started some time ago - pkg_add_it.

Basically what this tool is doing is that it allows the user to
interactively install packages, selecting the needed ones.
It's not a package installer by any means, but gives a frontend to the
existing pkg_* tools. Currently it is only working with pkg_add(1), in
order to
install new packages, but I'm planning to further develop it, so it is
also able to work with all the other pkg_* tools.

I was working on the new version of the tool for the past few days,
and now I got it completely rewritten and added a lot of new features,
so now the tool is able to:

 - install packages from a local directory, searching by package pattern
 - install packages from a remote server, searching by package pattern
from INDEX
 - the remote package install can be very useful to people that prefer
to install from packages, since you do not really need to have ports
tree installed at all. All you need is a single INDEX file.
 - a configuration file is used, that configures most of the job the
tool is doing.
 - the tool can also be used to "browse" the index, selecting only the
information you need, so on systems without a browser installed, you
can still view the package information - dependencies, www,
maintainers, etc...
 - i suppose this tool would of help for the novice users, when they
need to find a certain package

What I want to do now is to get this version to some stable phase, and
then I'm planning to start a fork of it with ncurses, that will not be
limited only to installation of packages, but also deinstall and
upgrade of packages. The way it is currently developed will also allow
for easier integration with the existing package tools pkg_*,
portmaster, portupgrade, etc.., since everything will be defined in
just one single configuration file.

What I would like to ask you, if you have some free time to spend on
having a look at the program.
Any feedback on how the program can be further improved, adding of new
features on it or anything else, are greatly appreciated.

To install the program:

1) git clone git://git.unix-heaven.org/public/pkg_add_it.git
2) cd pkg_add_it && make
3) copy the configuration file pkg_add_it.conf to /usr/local/etc or
just use the "-f" option from the command-line
4) the executable is placed in the pkg_add_it directory

The changelog can be seen at:

I've also uploaded a couple of screenshots of the program in case you
want to see how it's working:

Please note that the manual page pkg_add_it(1) is still not updated,
I'm working on this.
For example usage, please have a look at the help output of the program.
The sample configuration file is also well documented, so it explains
everything about a specific option.

Thank you and regards,

Marin Atanasov Nikolov
dnaeon AT gmail DOT com
daemon AT unix-heaven DOT org

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