ap22-mod_perl2-* WTH!

jhell jhell at dataix.net
Thu Jun 3 12:39:14 UTC 2010

I did not install a package named ap22-mod_perl2, I installed mod_perl2
from ports!. So when looking for this package to check its status with
pkg_info -g mod_perl2-\*

I get!
can't find package 'mod_perl2-*' installed or in a file!

So needless to say (ls /var/db/pkg/ |grep mod_perl) to double check
revealed the subject line.

Can the person responsible for this change either back this out or come
up with a better solution? using PKGNAMEPREFIX along with some conjured
up APACHE_PKGNAMEPREFIX in ports/Mk/bsd.apache.mk does not seem like a
viable solution to anything common to today problems.

Maybe just copying the compile time options from var/db/ports/ if they
exist to the packaging directory would be a better idea than


WTH port is that!

Is that sqlite3 now or is that apr? seeing as mod_perl2 was prefixed
with ap22 and following that scheme would lead me to believe it is
sqlite3 even though I do know it is apr.

The only relevant SUFFIX I could see be usefull in this case is what
machine it was compiled for i386 i486 i586 etc... etc.. etc.

Anyway regards,




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