Call for testing: mplayer revamped, second round

Thomas Zander thomas.e.zander at
Sun Jan 17 22:47:48 UTC 2010


you may find an updated version of the new mplayer port for testing at:

It contains the drop-in replacements for multimedia/mplayer and
mencoder as well as the x264 patch in case one wants to test x264
encoding with mencoder.

Changes since the last version:
- VDPAU support
- Build fixes as suggested by Dmitry Marakasov
- Significantly reduced number of patches (either committed upstream
or strongly believed to be no longer necessary)
- Minor Makefiles cleanup

The infamous x264 patch is still included, identical to the last
tarball. Note that probably there is some manual tweaking to do in
order to test this (e.g. define log2f / use gcc 4.4 etc, see
for details) but this is a separate issue that we have to solve when
the port gets finally committed.

Please test this port extensively, and let's track down as many
inconveniences as soon as possible.

Have fun

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