Call for testers - mplayer svn port

Diego Depaoli trebestie at
Sat Jan 16 10:52:02 UTC 2010

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 10:52 PM, Thomas Zander
<thomas.e.zander at> wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks to Wes Morgan and Martin Wilke there is something for you to
> test which approximates what's going to become our next mplayer in the
> ports tree.
Works nice here.
Minor issue: fribidi version library should be 3, but even after
fixing that mplayer fails to compile, so I think is better disable
this option.

> To the topic: On
> you can get a small tarball. It contains three items: The ports for
> mplayer and mencoder. Both are drop-in replacements for the respective
> directories in ${PORTSDIR}/multimedia
> This should work without further changes (at least it does on my amd64
> test machine). NOTE that ONLY if you want to test it with x264 (only
> available for mencoder, mplayer uses ffmpeg's internal h264 decoder
> now.), you HAVE to apply the supplied x264 patch to
> ${PORTSDIR}/multimedia/x264.
This breaks ffmpeg.


Diego Depaoli

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