Maintaining compiler front-ends (Re: The state of Ada)

Joerg Wunsch j at
Fri Jan 8 21:26:31 UTC 2010

As Mikhail T. wrote:

> I remain convinced, that the "bending into shape" ought to begin
> with making the additional GNU compiler front-ends (be they Ada, or
> Lisp, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Objective C, etc.) addable to an
> already existing C-compiler. I find it crazy, that every such front
> end currently downloads and builds its own gcc-core-SOMEVERSION,
> instead of using the base gcc or DEPEND-ing on lang/gccSOMEVERSION.

Since you've got me on Cc, you are aware that the GCC ports I'm
maintaining are only cross compilers (for the AVR target).  I don't
think you'll be able to combine them together with a native compiler.

I'm also maintaining a port of libbfd which is used by some AVR
toolchain software.  This port is set up in a "kitchensink" way, so
all possible binary file formats are included.  This could perhaps
serve as a base for a generic GNU libbfd package to be used by other
GNU stuff if desired.  Note that it requires GNU libiberty to be
installed as well (freelibiberty won't do), as libbfd uses
undocumented GNU libiberty functions. :-(

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