Maintaining compiler front-ends (Re: The state of Ada)

Mikhail T. mi+thun at
Fri Jan 8 22:02:36 UTC 2010

01/08/10 15:59, Joerg Wunsch ???????(??):
> I'm also maintaining a port of libbfd which is used by some AVR
> toolchain software.  This port is set up in a "kitchensink" way, so
> all possible binary file formats are included.  This could perhaps
> serve as a base for a generic GNU libbfd package to be used by other
> GNU stuff if desired.  Note that it requires GNU libiberty to be
> installed as well (freelibiberty won't do), as libbfd uses
> undocumented GNU libiberty functions.:-(
Hi, Joerg! Yes, this is why I added you to CC, and I do think, that the 
common libbfd ought to have all of the known targets included. Even 
altogether they use very little space -- less, than having to add just 
one more flavor separately (even multiplied by the probability of ever 
having to do that :)

As for GNUberty, well... Maybe, some day, we'll add those functions to 
the liberfreety (or patch bfd to avoid them). Until then -- use the 
GNU's code as we do elsewhere...



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