portmaster-with-package-support release candidate available for testing

Alberto Villa villa.alberto at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 09:34:37 UTC 2010

On Monday 04 January 2010 07:19:34 Doug Barton wrote:
> First, if you could start a new thread for each problem that would
> help me keep track of them.

of course! sorry, i'm used to have everything in only one big box :)

> Second, if you could write a brief
> explanation of what you see as the problem that would also help. While
> I'm sure what you pasted makes perfect sense to you, it's not always
> possible for me to recognize the problem when all I have are logs.

sorry here too

> That said, what I *think* you are reporting is the fact that
> portmaster seems to be confused between the local package repo that
> you've configured and the fact that it downloaded a newer version from
> the remote repo. If I'm right about that, what do you think portmaster
> should do in this case?

i'm reporting two errors, actually
the first one: pm is checking for the existence of the Latest/* package, 
without considering its version... if Latest/* is found, pm tries to install 
the All/* package, even if it's not there
second one: as you said, pm downloads the package from the web, but it 
doesn't use that, and fails. this has worked with all the other downloaded 
packages (i've installed all my ports with the configuration you can see in my 
latest email, and i have plenty of packages - which were used - in the 
portmaster-download/ dir), but not with this one: i think that it's because a 
Latest/* package is already there, and then pm thinks it doesn't need to use 
the downloaded one

> My assumption is that people who create local
> package repositories do so for a purpose, and I'm not sure what to do
> if those packages are not the latest versions.

from portmaster(8):
         where local packages can be found, will fall back to fetching if no
         local version exists.

this means that you should "fall back to fetching" - or building, if you can't 
imho, the behaviour (limited to my configuration... but it's easy adaptable to 
all the other options) should be:
1. check for the existence of the package locally (i would use All/* instead 
of Latest/*, but i understand that you use it because of the --packages-if-
newer, so it's ok)
2. check for its version: correct -> 2a; wrong -> 2b
2a. install it
2b. try to download it from the web: found -> 3a; not found -> 3b
3a. download and install it
3b. build the port

that's it. sorry for being so annoying, i'm not asking to you to work harder 
on portmaster... it's a great tool, and already working best than any other 
one! i'm currently using the latest revision, and the new --packages-build 
works flawlessly... thanks for implementing that :)
and sorry for my bug reports, too, i promise i'll be more useful ;)
Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at gmail.com>

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