www/firefox: Firefox 3.6 crashes, Firefox 3.5.7 not

Eitan Adler eitanadlerlist at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 21:43:17 UTC 2010

I have no idea if this is related but from pkg-message
Firefox 3.6 and HTML5

Certain functions used to display HTML5 elements need the sem module.

If your Firefox crashes with the following message while viewing a
HTML5 page:
"Bad system call (core dumped)"

you need to load the sem module (kldload sem).

To load sem on every boot put the following into your

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 9:04 PM, O. Hartmann <ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de>wrote:

> On 02/08/10 16:20, Gary Jennejohn wrote:
>> On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 13:32:25 +0000
>> "O. Hartmann"<ohartman at zedat.fu-berlin.de>  wrote:
>>> Today, I upgraded Firefox 3.5.7 (built yesterday) to Firefox 3.6. After
>>> deleting ~/.mozilla (after I did a buckup, of course), I tried a fresh
>>> start of 'firefox3'. After firefox showed up, I realized that no
>>> option-field (File, Extras etc) can be used, they are dead and after a
>>> few seconds I clicked them, firefox3 is crashing.
>>> Since I recompiled firefox 3.5.7 yesterday I was wondering if this is
>>> due to some 'false' lib or dependency. Since I figured that I have
>>> similar trouble with Thunderbird 3.0.1 after I installed it, I suspect a
>>> faulty library causing this behaviour. With Thunderbird 3, I never
>>> solved the problem although I tried to rebuild everything with
>>> thunderbird via 'portmaster -f'. I'll did this with firefox 3.6 also,
>>> but with no success.
>>> The crashing is observed on two nearly identical SMP FreeBSD 8.0/amd64
>>> STABLE boxes (make world of today), up-to-date ports. The crash is NOT
>>> observed on my private oldish UP box, nearly the same setup, OS at the
>>> same revision and ports up to date as of yesterday. Maybe this could be
>>> a hint.
>>> Any hints or suggestions?
>> Try doing "ldd /usr/local/lib/firefox3/firefox-bin" and see if anything
>> looks weird.
> I did - and there is nothing weird.
> I checked the installed libraries and they are all rebuild when rebuilding
> necessary dependencies for firefox3.
>  You can porbably ignore
>> /usr/local/lib/firefox3/firefox-bin:
>>         libxul.so =>  not found (0x0)
>>         libmozjs.so =>  not found (0x0)
>>         libxpcom.so =>  not found (0x0)
>> because run-mozilla.sh sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include
>> /usr/local/lib/firefox3 where these libraries are installed.
>> I merely deleted my old firefox 3.6 and reinstalled from the port (on
>> 9-CURRENT AMD64) and haven't seen any problems.  But of course, I've
>> been running various incarnations of 3.6 for a while and may have gotten
>> all the dependencies already correctly installed.
>> ---
>> Gary Jennejohn
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> I tried again, left the 'make config'-options as they were set by default,
> delete/backuped .mozilla in my home and they restartet firefox3. Nothing
> better than previously seen. Try hitting Button 'Tools' at the top menu bar
> gives a menu after several seconds, then firefox crashes/core dumps.
> Oliver
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