fixing up port dependencies properly

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Wed Feb 3 14:46:30 UTC 2010

* John W (jwdevel at wrote:

> Is the most correct solution just to wait until all maintainers of
> ports which depend on p5-Email-Simple-Creator each update their
> makefiles to depend on p5-Email-Simple, instead? (Though that doesn't
> help in the short term :)

That was done with the removal of p5-Email-Simple-Creator. Otherwise,
all ports that depend on (removed) p5-Email-Simple-Creator would
become broken.

You just need to bring your installed packages to the actual state - I'm
not sure if portmaster -o will work, as you already have p5-Email-Simple
installed (since p5-Email-Simple-Creator depended on it), so you likely
need to

pkg_delete -f p5-Email-Simple-Creator && portupdate -r p5-Email-Simple
(not sure about portmaster equivalent). Portrevisions on all ports with
changed dependencies (p5-Email-Simple-Creator -> p5-Email-Simple) were
bumped, so rebuilding will make them pick up p5-Email-Simple.

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